A cycling adventure in North-Tallinn embarks on an adventurous cycling trip through the multifaceted district of North Tallinn. Here the vibrant peninsula of Paljassaare awaits your exploration. This thrilling tour will take you on a journey from the imposing Patarei Prison to the enigmatic former slums and factories of Kopli. This route offers a diverse range of experiences that encompass nature, history, street art, and hidden industrial ruins.

Your cycling adventure begins at the iconic Patarei Prison, an architectural gem that was once part of Peter the Great’s Naval Fortress. As you pedal away from this formidable structure, prepare to be captivated by the contrasting views that unfold before you. Traverse the picturesque Seaplane Harbour area, home to magnificent 20th-century hangars, boasting the distinction of being the world’s first reinforced concrete shell structures of such grandeur and elegance.

Continuing your journey, you’ll find yourself in the trendy Noblessner Quarter, a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation. Take a leisurely stroll through its charming streets, soaking in the artistic atmosphere that permeates the area. From here, your adventure leads you to the breathtaking Paljasaare Nature Conservation Area, where majestic views of reedbeds, meadows, and the sea await. Delight in the tranquility of this scenic haven, all while uncovering its deep-rooted connections to Estonia’s military heritage. For years, Paljassaare remained inaccessible to civilians, locked away for exclusive military purposes until 1991.


Next on the itinerary is the fascinating industrial area of Kopli. Explore the unique Kopli “lines,” a former miniature village that once housed working-class employees of a bustling shipyard. Witness the remnants of a bygone era and gain insight into the lives of those who called this place home. Venturing further, you’ll have the opportunity to step inside the captivating premises of the Põhjala factory, once a rubber factory but now transformed into a thriving community center for creative minds. Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy that flows through these repurposed spaces, inspiring and igniting your own creativity.

As the tour nears its conclusion, turn your attention to the small streets of Kalamaja, a neighborhood adorned with colorful wooden houses that once sheltered factory workers and fishermen. Today, this vibrant enclave has evolved into a sought-after hipster area, where trendy cafes, boutiques, and art studios dot the landscape. Marvel at the architectural charm of these historic dwellings, and let the vibrant atmosphere leave an indelible impression.

Your unforgettable cycling tour of North Tallinn culminates at the starting location, where you can reflect upon the captivating experiences and unique perspectives you’ve gained throughout this immersive journey. From the rich historical heritage to the vibrant street art, from the hidden industrial ruins to the breathtaking natural landscapes, this tour showcases the multifaceted character of North Tallinn, offering an adventure that is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

Cycling adventure in North-Tallinn includes

  • Knowledgeable and entertaining guide
  • A comfortable city bike, a helmet and reflective braces to be used during the tour
  • An audio device to be used during the tour. Audio device allows to hear the guide better and keep distance from other participants at the same time
  • Amazing views to the sea and to Tallinn bay
  • Snack pause with local pastries

Important information about Cycling adventure in North-Tallinn

  • Cycling trip takes place in all weather conditions, dress accordingly, layered clothing advisable.
  • We kindly recommend arriving to the meeting point 10-15 minutes prior to the departure in order for us to help you set your bike and to receive the helmet and audio device.
  • Interested in booking? Send us a private tour request.


 minimum fee 579 € includes up to 4 guests, every extra guest is 30 €         4h    Start: Possibility to choose      27 km


     (private tours in English, Estonian and Russian)

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