Safe Tour Promise

With the COVID-19 safety label, trusted to us by Visit Tallinn we confirm that we follow the requirements and instructions of the Government and the Health Board of Estonia ( established for our industry or field, that we keep up to date with the information, and that we help visitors comply with the infection-prevention guidelines on site.

By behaving responsibly, we can ensure safe participation in our expeditions after governmental restrictions have been removed.

·     Our expeditions focus on healthy outdoor activity

·     We care about the welfare of our participants and leaders.  All healthy and respectful participants are welcome on our expeditions.

·     All of our activities are in accordance with government regulations and recommendations.

·     We keep our expedition groups small and use Green Sound audio devices to allow appropriate social distancing.

We have also joined with Good Will Agreement to ensure safety during the COVID-19 outbreak. By joining the agreement you can be sure that:

● the visitor’s code of conduct and information on the Covid-19 virus prevention activities implemented by the service provider are available; 

● all staff are aware of the guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus and follow them in their daily work; 

● the indoor ventilation system is working properly; 

● there are enough disinfectants, they are available in places visible to everyone; 

● frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly; 

● staff and guests are required to wear a mask or alternative personal protective equipment in accordance with applicable national regulations; 

● the possibility to maintain the necessary distance both with each other and with the service providers is ensured; 

● people with signs of illness are not allowed to be in public places or in the service area; 

● people who have come into contact with a client or employee with signs of illness are informed of the exposure without disclosing personal data; 

● the service provider participates in COVID-19 prevention webinars organised by Enterprise Estonia

By sharing our safety promise, we hope that you can experience our expeditions with confidence. Feel empowered to join one of our public expeditions, or ask us about organizing something just for you.  

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