Waypoint Tallinn

Pakume võimalusi avastada Tallinna nii jalgrattaga kui jalgsi. Lisaks juhendatud ekskursioonidele saab rentida rattaid ka iseseivateks avastusretkedeks.

Broneeri tuur
või helista: +372 533 25 069

Tour Conditions

Tour Conditions for Waypoint Tallinn


You can place a booking request for any tour or other service in our product catalogue or otherwise via our website or email. After submitting, we will do our best to return an answer or confirm your request in 24 hours. If you should book less than 24 hours before the tour or our correspondence is unable to give you a confirmation for any reason, you can also give us a call at +372 533 25 069.

Office Hours

At the moment, our office is open daily during high season from May to September, from 10 in the mornings to 8 o’clock in the evenings. May you always feel free to step in and get acquainted with our cozy corner of the world, our friendly staff or anything that we know and do.

During the off-season, we process all bookings and request on demand.

Tour and Departure Conditions

There are small distinctions between tours and departure conditions. As a point of interest, we do not charge extra for private tours, and will always as a general rule make available all language groups at our disposal.

Regular tours have specific departure times as part of careful consideration. Note that they are offered daily, but we might get some last minute bookings, so we only guarantee previously processed requests. We do not use a minimum participation requirement, so the only condition is our Small Groups guarantee. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Private tours are meant for specific groups of friends and families, i.e. Armory Edition, Telltale Tallinn etc. The participation list is closed as detailed during the booking procedure, for the time and starting point may follow your convenience.

If confirmed, the tour or other specified event will always take place despite weather conditions. We will on our part make ample arrangements to always maintain a level of comfort. If the tour happens to take place in the rain, for example, we will make sure to employ umbrellas or raincoats.

Starting Location

All of our tour usually originate from and end at our office, unless otherwise agreed upon. Walking tours have a different starting location by default, as specified for every tour individually – we consider walking distances to show you around as much as possible. Private tours like detailed above have separate starting conditions, which we will disclose and agree upon.

Booking Only

Some tours found in our product catalog require some previous arrangements. The booking function gives us time to prepare, as well as inform any of our partners relevant to a specific event or tour.


 No discrimination here, for we always have someone in the office to understand and undertake all activities in your comfort language (following the languages present on our website). If you want it and we know it, there will be no holding back. Like with everything else, you can let us know in advance to make special arrangements.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding bookings or tour conditions, we are always happy to explain. Call us on +372 533 25 069 or send an e-mail at info@waypointtallinn.ee