Waypoint Tallinn

Pakume võimalusi avastada Tallinna nii jalgrattaga kui jalgsi. Lisaks juhendatud ekskursioonidele saab rentida rattaid ka iseseivateks avastusretkedeks.

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Payment Conditions

Payment Conditions for Waypoint Tallinn


You can place a booking request for any tour or other service in our product catalogue or otherwise via our website or email. After submitting, we will do our best to return an answer or confirm your request in 24 hours. If you should book less than 24 hours before the tour or our correspondence is unable to give you a confirmation for any reason, you can also give us a call at

If there are any questions regarding bookings or payment conditions, we are always happy to explain. Call us on .

Note that a booking request does not require payment.


For single travelers or small groups, the payment can be made on the day of the tour. Please take notice that in our office we can only manage cash transactions.

For larger groups or longer trips, we might require a pre-payment. Please note that if your group has made a pre-payment deposit, but does not show up, they will lose their deposits. All other situations will be addressed as individual case studies.

Paying in advance is also possible, should this present a more convenient option.

All payments can be forwarded as a direct bank payment or via PayPal. The information becomes available as part of our communication or sent in the billing process.

Money Back Guarantee

As listed on our website, in that impossible circumstance you leave wanting, we will return your funds. However, this should only apply to circumstances, where you have already used our service. Please note that we can only party services like museums or accommodations.


In the extreme circumstance you need to cancel a tour or other event, please let us know as soon as possible. You can cancel without any penalties up to 24 hours before the starting or departure time. In case of a no-show or cancellation less than 24 hours, the customer in question will be responsible for covering full expenses.

Last Minute Changes

We will always try to accommodate any requests you may have and implement desirable changes.

However, if the alteration has any financial bearing on the service in question, the customer is expected to cover the related or additional costs (for example, the need for several additional bicycles and cycling equipment).


While designed to be as safe as possible, taking into account personal well-being and anticipating any possible concerns, participating on our tours or using other services implies self-responsibility on the part of the potential customer. That includes an awareness of the active nature of the provided services, the risks and possibilities associated with outdoor activities, as well as preserving entrusted property and equipment of the company or third party services in question.

Please acknowledge that all participation takes place at your own risk and insurance is not part of the offer product, unless stated otherwise.

In case our property should be damaged by misuse, the responsibility for covering the costs or compensation will fall on the individual or group in question.

Corporate Bookings

Waypoint Travels OÜ is eligible for value added tax (VAT) and the prices on our website or as displayed elsewhere do include VAT.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding bookings or payment conditions, we are always happy to explain. Call us on +372 533 25 069 or send an e-mail at info@waypointtallinn.ee