Waypoint Tallinn

Pakume võimalusi avastada Tallinna nii jalgrattaga kui jalgsi. Lisaks juhendatud ekskursioonidele saab rentida rattaid ka iseseivateks avastusretkedeks.

Broneeri tuur
või helista: +372 533 25 069


Kuidas meid leida? Meie kontor asub Patarei Merekindluse peavärva kõrval Kalaranna tänava ääres, Lennusadama vahetus läheduses.

Kui soovid meiega ühendust võtta, siis kõik kirjad ja joonistused on oodatud aadressil Tööstuse 74, Tallinn 10416.

Kui parasjagu pole käepärast ühisteadvust nimega Internet ja Tallinna iga sopp pole tuttav, siis ära heida meelt, vaid hoopis helista ja jagame sulle heal meelel juhiseid. Meiega saab ühendust siit +372 533 25 069.

Leia meid ja me aitame avastada ülejäänud Tallinna, olgu selleks peidetud nurgatagused või klassikalised vaatamisväärsused.

e-mail: info@waypointtallinn.ee
telefon: +372 533 25 069


Meet the family


It may be a frequently occurring name, but the man is everything but conventional. A modern viking in appearance, a medieval knight at heart, with the mind of Yoda without grammatical errors. Don't expect a boring Friday afternoon lecture, rather be prepared for the most adventurous and verbally delightful anything you'll ever experience. Seriously, if Jack doesn't make you laugh, a doctor's visit may come in handy.


Definitely the most positive and compassionate person you will ever meet and not a penny less, she gives hope of a better tomorrow every day of the week. While her dedication is without rivals, she definitely is the worrying type in the best way imaginable. And get this, her cooking is so heavenly that you even forget it never has any meat on it. A true spirit animal of our little family.


Someone truly happy-go-lucky, who makes rainbows and perfect birthday cakes appear on a daily basis. Expect heart-warming stories, great book recommendations and a rare feeling of numbness from smiling too much in conversation. May sound like a weather forecast, but she does have the sun on her side and is more than happy to share it with everyone around her.


Someone incredibly sweet, she possesses a very natural disposition of being lovable. In a way the ultimate girl next door, there lives a charm in her mannerisms to make you happy all the time. Addicted to chocolate, cake and a combination of the two, if you have an interest in linguistics or any other topic and like going into detail, she is the one for you. And to go with her sundresses and flowers all around, is a passion for travelling like crazy.

Parim võimalik teenindus

Should go without saying – a smile to go with our crazy-happy can-do attitude, we shall move mountains. Everything fine-tuned and elegant. we do like to worry in a tasteful fashion.


Our company of local talents is always devoted to your pursuit of travel happiness. We will make you feel you belong and never stop trying.


When you need something special, just let us know. In a humble opinion, a little human touch can make all the difference.

Väikesed grupid

For a more personal experience and attention, we have a fixed number of participants per tour. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Raha tagasi

In that impossible circumstance you leave wanting, we will return your funds, so no one should ever feel slighted. Promise.


Advertising considerate behavior, our services are designed to better protect natural and cultural heritage sites for everyone to enjoy. Yes, we actually do care.

Mõistlik hind

From budget travels to conference trips, you can always expect our prices to be as reasonable as possible to keep the lights on.


Nothing is as-is with us. While jam-packed with things to see and do, in the motion of development we will always try to add more flavor and expand on places unique, hidden or easily overlooked.